Quality Policy


Our company has adopted the mission of unconditional customer satisfaction in its sector; Taking into account the current and future expectations of its customers, it aims to provide modern, high quality, uninterrupted service to its customers, to make continuous improvement and to comply with legal regulations, in line with its stable and planned strategies by constantly renewing the technology it uses in line with this goal, strengthening with its expert staff. Our relations between our customers and our organization, strengthened by mutual respect, love and trust at every stage of our commercial activity, have ensured that the concept of quality finds its true value. Being aware of the fact that its products are used to protect human health, which is the most valuable treasure, MFA has adopted the principle of providing 'zero defect' and 'perfect service' to its customers with the 'Full Cover' quality policy it has developed.

Our company, which wants to improve its quality concept, has started to share with our customers the test results of the products we sell to our customers, via lot number, as of 23.08.2021, in accordance with the principle of transparent communication. Thus, our customers, like us, were able to follow the performance values ??of the products they purchased.

Quality Certificates

- CE Certificate, EU Type Examination Certificate, Module B

- CE Certificate, Certificate of Conformity to Type Based on Quality Assurance of the Production Process, Module D

- UKCA Certificate, UKCA Type Examination Certificate, Module B

- UKCA Certificate, Certificate of Conformity to Type Based on Quality Assurance of Production Process, Module D

- Eurasian Economic Union (EAC) Quality Certificate

- UkrSEPRO, Ukraine Quality Certificate

- ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate

- ISO 13485 : 2016 Medical Device Manufacturer Quality Management System Certificate

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MFA Service and Quality Approach at 40 Points
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