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Social Responsibility

MFA provides support to the social responsibility projects in order to improve the life quality of the society and to support the economical, environmental, cultural and social development for a sustainable world together with its employees, their families, local public and the entire society. Continued>>

MFA believes that all institutions and organizations have obligations in the protection and development of the social, environmental, cultural and economical status of the communities in which they are present. MFA also believes that the companies, voluntarily and together with their employees should be concerned about the problems of the society, should behave ethically and responsibly towards their employees and the society and should make decisions for this purpose. 

MFA puts the social responsibility and ethic into the agenda as a parameter as well as the quality and cost in the competition. MFA suggests that the happiness of the employees is as important as at least the quality of the products.

In this sense, MFA carries on its operations for the sustainable development and social achievement in the habitat where it exists. MFA tries hard to develop the awareness of the social responsibility and to become widespread. In order to achieve this objective, MFA provides support to the social, economical, educational and cultural activities approved by the board of directors of the company at various stages. MFA tries to carry out these operations within the framework of the Social Accountability 8000 (Social Accountablity 8000).

Steps Taken within the Framework of Social Responsiblity Policy;

In the determinations performed within the framework of the comprehensive visits in Turkey, critical lack of training in terms of respiratory health has been observed. We have started our activities on this matter under the Respiratory Health Training Program together with the international participants and by the participation of the trainers. We plan to perform the first of these activities in Zonguldak in such a manner so as to address to the Black Sea Region.

The activities of Zonguldak Branch of Turkish Handicap Association for the employment of our handicapped citizens have been provided with support in various categories such as expert support, machine and equipment donations, etc. The training programs for the association are carried on under the planning stage.

Contributing to the activities carried out by the Directorate of Social Services of Zonguldak for the homeless children, MFA carries on supporting this kind of activities.