Clean blood circulation is the most important condition of staying vibrant and dynamic.

And breathing the fresh air is one of the factors to have a clean blood circulation. A fast-paced work environment worker knows the importance of easy and comfort breathing. At this point, MFA is proud to introduce the Z Type Flat Fold Disposable Respiratory Masks to the users in different industries without compromising on quality.

These respirators are designed for optimum comfort, convenience and fit. Collapse resistant thin and strong shell gives the user maximum comfort while filtering more than the EN standard required. Secretly assembled nose wires are providing better usage. The well design and so? inner surface results in greater comfort leading to greater wearer acceptance. Folds easily for storage and reuse. Individually wrapped allowing convenient and clean storage prior to use.

Nose clip - adjusts to most face shapes and sizes. Easy to use - lightweight, single piece, easy fit design. Unrestricted vision - low profile allows for wearing with glasses or safety goggles.


*As with the use of any respiratory device, the wearer must first be trained in the proper use of the product.

*This product does not protect the wearer against gases, vapours, solvents from paint spray operations or in atmospheres containing less than %19,5 oxygen.

*Use only in adequately ventilated areas containing sufficient oxygen to support life.

*Do not use when concentrations of contaminants are immediately dangerous to life or health.



*Before use, read the instructions carefully

*Check the suitability of the mask to the area where used, looking at the signs on the mask.

*Check the head bandages of the mask.

*Check the nose clips of the mask.

*Check the mask if there is a damage or not before use.

*Handle mask with the nose clips is above,

*Bending the nose clips of the mask a little, shape the mask into a cone,

*Place the mask onto your face keeping the rubber ties up,

*Place both of the rubber ties behind your head,

*Place the upper rubber tie above and the other below your ear,

*Adjust the nose clip to your nose using both hands. Avoid using one hand as it may reduce the effects of the mask.

*Check if air comes in or not by giving a deep breath to understand if the mask is suitable for the face and if it is well isolated. You can rearrange the nose clips if necessary.

*Go into where you work after all these instructions are maintained.

*If you cannot achieve a proper fit do not enter the contaminated area. See your supervisor.